17 Original Ways To Organize All Your Accessories

Are you one of those women who like to have all their accessories well organized? In a way you’re able to visualize every piece? Bijouterie is a very important subject in the female community, a good accessory can change your look totally and give you a more original and chic touch.

We love accessories, we want to wear them everyday, and constantly change them. But what it is true, is that they’re difficult to keep organized, earrings always get lost, necklaces always tangled and the bracelets tied ones to others. This way we give up, and we chose to wear nothing. Or worst… we find out that what we wanted to wear is broken.

As we know how important this is to you, we want to show you 17 ways to organize your accessories like never before. You’ll love it! Let’s get started.

Catch dreams for your tendrils

Hang your necklaces this way

Create this beautiful organizer

Branch Organizer

Organizer with wood

You can also use wood in this way

If you like the minimalist, this is for you

Another idea with branches

Create a frame, make it and hang all your accessories

Look what you can do with just a piece of wood

With a hook to hang clothes you can make a nice organizer

Place your tendrils in a frame with lace

Use cloth to store your accessories

Cork is also a good idea to organize

Use the bottles as a support for your bracelets

Paste this organizer on the wall

Hangers of different styles for your jewelry

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