17 Super Epic DIY Cell Phone Case

In this chaotic world highly driven by consumerism we rarely get the chance to see something different, something rare; and we are happily blessed with such a piece we instantly recognize the item as something extraordinarily expensive, a limited edition piece of furniture, a car or some sort designer item that few individuals in this world can afford. Things are changing and manufacturing and crafting gain extraordinary values as they represent the individuality of each and everyone materialized in custom, unique, one of a kind objects.

Now is the time to take on diy projects, from simple to complicated, from colorful to elegant and subdued ones, we are to shape the universe around us rapidly, we are to design our lives.

In gallery that follows we have presented splendid homemade cell phone case ideas that we have find interesting, intriguing and easy enough to recommend for a fast craft in the evening or Sunday afternoon. Cast a glance, surge inspiration and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

1. Ice cream homemade phone case

2. Posh glittered phone case

3. Re-purpose textile into epic phone pouches

4. Pick the right case and improve with colorful weaving

5. DIY lace homemade case

6. Painted clear case

7. Washi tape homemade phone case

8. Colorful polka dot homemade case


9. Re-purpose paper and textiles

10. Sew epic sweet phone pouches

11. Artful sharpie homemade phone case

12. DIY felt homemade case

13. Black and white sharpie case

14. Stardust homemade phone case

15. DIY mandala homemade case

16. Simple pattern or print cut-outs

17. DIY studded iPhone case

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