Best 15 Decorating Hacks Using Cheap Contact Paper

Contact paper, also called Vinyl, Stick back plastic or Wall decals is a kind of creative and budget-friendly material you could opt when you are planning to add a touch of style to your home or do a makeover in some area of your rental. It is inexpensive and comes in various colors and patterns, can be cut into whatever shape you want, so you can put it in any home decor project, from furniture makeovers to wall decor… Ready to give your home a new look? Have a look these contact paper hacks we’ve gathered for you.

1. It is a really cheap way to cover up an old ugly countertop.

2. It is a perfect way to keep your refrigerator shelves clean and classy.

3. Tired of your old black appliances? Refurbish them with stainless steel contact paper.

4. Decorate your ceiling with gold contact paper stripes.

5. The marble look of an entryway tabletop will brighten up your entrance.

6. Add a contact paper chalkboard to your refrigerator as a Memo Board.

7. A great solution to add some privacy to your windows.

8. Use contact paper comes in marble pattern to update your kitchen countertop.

9. Use strips of contact paper to reinvent your vanity.

10. A feature DIY contact paper stripe wall doesn’t have to be painted.

11. Make an eye-catching look to your kitchen toe kick.

12. Create a pattern on one bathroom wall by cutting some circular dots from contact paper.

13. Do a contact paper fridge makeover.

14. Make your own marble fireplace hearth.

15. Spice up your blank TV wall.

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