Chic DIY Rustic Shelves to Embed In Your Home Decor

No matter how much you try, you will never achieve that level of home organization where you won’t need any extra storage space. There will always be something else that you need to stow away but you don’t have the appropriate storage solution. However, you can work on improving the storage and organization potential of your home by constantly adding new and more practical solutions.
Shelves are one of the best ways to add more storage to your home without much hassle, but I am not talking about shelving units that you can buy at any furniture store. No, what I want to show you is a way to make your own shelves that can also become a part of your home decor.

The shelves that you use for storage in your home don’t have to be a purely practical piece of furniture. On the contrary, you can use the shelves as parts of your decor in a couple of ways. The easiest way to jazz up your home decor is by displaying decorative items on your shelves. But that’s not enough. We are going to show you some rustic shelves that are a decorative piece by themselves. Oh, did I mention that you can DIY them? The rustic shelves that we are going to show you in this collection are actual DIY projects that you can make by yourself.

We’ve made sure to include tutorials that are going to guide you with step by step instructions. This way you will have no issues building these rustic shelves for your home. At first, working with wood might seem like a really difficult task but the projects that we’ve included really only require simple operations. There is nothing complicate at all so you have nothing to worry about!

Use reclaimed wood to create these classic farmhouse flair shelving unit

Create floating rustic shelves that will be as beautiful as they are practical

Build this hanging bathroom shelf for as low as 10$

Honeycomb shelves look nice but they can also hold a lot of stuff

Make use of those empty corners by installing corner shelves for extra storage and display capabilities

A beautiful floating shelf like this is very easy to make because you just need an old board so it might not even cost anything

Attach two leather straps to the wall and use them to hold a wooden board

Wooden Crates Can Be Put To Great Use As A Shelving Unit If You Only Stack Them Up

These Kitchen Shelves Are Made From Reclaimed Wood That Gives A Wonderful Farmhouse Look To Them

If You Have A Corner Of The Bathroom That’s Empty, You Can Easily Create More Storage Space With This Simple Leaning Wood Shelf

For Less Than $100, You Can Create a Beautiful Shelving Unit from Old Pipes and Wooden Crates

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