Convertible Necklace Headband – 5 Minute DIY

If you’ve got a few minutes and three simple materials, then you’re all set for today’s fashion 5 Minute DIY! With the help of a stretchy elastic hair tie, your favorite necklace can easily transform into a new hair accessory. Plus, the best part is that you can still wear it as a necklace too. I tried this trick on a handful of old necklaces and even a few pieces of gold chain and love the way they turned out. Follow the easy steps below to make your own!


• Necklace or chain (about 18 inches long)

• Elastic hair tie

• Needle nose pliers


• Using needle nose pliers, bend open one of the the jump rings/links at the end of your necklace or chain. (Tip: If your necklace does not have links that can easily open, add your own jump ring at the end) 

• Insert the elastic hair tie into the ring and close it back with pliers. If the ring does not close tightly, try overlapping the edges so that the elastic tie does not slide out.

• On the other end of the necklace, open the lobster clasp and insert the elastic tie inside.

• If it fits snugly on your head, then you’re all set. If not, try using a different size elastic tie to adjust.

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