Make Your Own iPhone Case With DIY Supplies You Already Have

It’s no secret that we adore taking lots of pictures with our iPhones. We adore getting new cases; they are the perfect little (functional) accessory. We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn’t pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!

1. Supplies: Clear iPhone cases, pretty papers, paint, fabrics, found papers, scissors and paint brushes.

Iphone cases2

2. If you plan on making your case with papers first create a template that fits your case; including the where the camera goes so you don’t cover it.

3. Use your template to cut out a pretty paper, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in.

4. Use your template to cut out a cute fabric, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in.

5. Use paint chips to create a collage for your case.

6. Paint the inside of your case—you can leave some areas blank so your phone shows through.

7. Create a geometric design out of found papers; such as magazines or pictures.

8. Have fun customizing your case to your style—or gift one to a friend!

Iphone steps

What we love about filling the inside of the case with a pretty paper or fabric is you can change out your design as often as you like. You could match your iPhone case to your mood. Or outfit. Or your mister’s outfit. What? You think that might be just a little over-the-top. Well… maybe you’re right. xo. emma and elsie

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